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There is a general misconception among people that smile design / smile makeovers/ smile Corrections  is only recommended for the famous and rich, or it is very expensive, or you don’t really need it. The reality is smile design / Smile makeovers/ Smile Corrections is within the reach of everyone at our dental clinic in bhopal and you might not even know the wonders that proper smile designing can actually result in.

It is not necessary that all the teeth have to be treated to deliver a perfect, bright smile. Many of the patients just require a slight correction to even one or two teeth to experience the wonders.

As it is rightly said that a good smile is indeed the best accessory that one can carry and to help you know whether you need a smile designing, we have created a small questionnaire to help you out.

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Simply stand in front of a mirror, observe your smile and start answering these questions-
  • Do you want your teeth to be whiter?
  • Do any of the teeth in the front stick out more than the others?
  • Is there any gap between the front teeth?
  • Are there any kinds of stains on the teeth?
  • Are the six teeth on the front in bottom as well as top look crooked or have an uneven appearance?
  • If you smile broadly, do any of the teeth look different appearance-wise?
  • Are the two front teeth at the top too wide or too long ?
  • Do you have any kind of fillings in your front teeth? If yes, is the filling of a color different than the natural color of your teeth?
  • Do your laminates, fillings, or crowns look artificial ?
  • Whenever you smile, do you think that your gums show a little too much as compared to others?
  • Do you have that conscious feeling whenever you have to smile naturally or while smiling for photographs?
  • Do you feel or see erosion in “V” pattern on the necks of any of the teeth?
  • Are the gums swollen and red?
  • Is there any other reason due to which you feel that your smile looks unattractive ?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above mentioned questions ten you definitely need to get your smile designed by us. If you still believe it is not worth it. fix an appointment and we can help you understand how we can actually provide you with astounding results to make sure that you can smile the widest & your search for Best Dental Clinic in Bhopal may end.

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