Orthodontic (Dental Braces) Treatment

Worried about displaced teeth, smile correction, jaw positioning or for opting braces in bhopal? These problems are dealt with by orthodontists. And since Orthodontist in Bhopal are very few, we always have in-house best orthodontist in bhopal / best braces specialist in bhopal who is equipped with the knowledge of such procedures & takes cares of your search for braces in bhopal  .

Correct positioning of misaligned teeth is of utmost importance so as to prevent food lodgment, decay of teeth, loss of healthy gums and to achieve better or completely new smile or face.

It also prevents further problems related to jaws and temporomandibular joint in long run.
Braces (Ortodontic Treatment) Transformation

For teeth alignment, braces with metal wires or appliances are fixed across the teeth which helps in proper alignment. Also, now advanced dental technology has invented invisible braces, also known as invisalign. These are hardly visible in patient’s mouth and avoid display of metal braces & wires. These straightens the teeth with the help of custom-made aligner trays.

smile-gallery-Smiling mouth with tongue and braces
smile-gallery-65078105 - smiling woman with silicone trainer close up.

There are several advantages of using invisible braces over metal braces as they do not pose any interference in the daily lives of dental patients. There are dental problems like crooked teeth, malocclusion or even over-biting which can be easily covered with the use of Invisalign as recommended by the experts

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But since best Orthodontic treatment in bhopal requires meticulous planning of force application on teeth, we take advice from experts outside Bhopal too in the form of case discussions to achieve best results in less time..! Thus if you are planning to get Braces in bhopal done then we have the best orthodontist / Braces specialist in bhopal, contact us immediately.

Orthodontics Faq's

1. When should someone visit an orthodontist?

Our Orthodontist cater to a variety of mouth related problems such as protruding teeth, speech problems, mouth breathing, etc. If any of these problems arise the orthodontists at our clinic can help you find solutions.

2. Should orthodontic treatment be started at an early age?

Orthodontic treatment can be started as early as the age of seven, and the earlier the process is enabled the easier it is.

3. Do orthodontist treatments involve teeth removal?

In certain cases teeth removal may be required in order to perform orthodontic treatments. However, this is not always necessary especially for children.

4. Can sports like activity be performed while wearing braces?

Yes, but certain safety precautions such as mouthguards are necessary in order to protect the braces

5. What happens after the braces are taken off?

After the removal of the braces a retainer will be put in place for a while which will ensure that the work done by the braces remain secure.

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I have been visiting Dr. SAURABH for quite some time now and he's carried out various dental procedures on me, painlessly and very skilfully and I have always been happy with the outcome. Very skilled and delivering the best care, he's one good doctor I wouldn't hesitate to recommendread more
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I would recommend this clinic for all your dental care in Bhopal, recently I visited the clinic for a emergency dental issue due to accident I faced & thankful to Dentist in the clinic he went beyond his clinic timings to treat me. Highly recommended this dental clinic in Bhopal.read more
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One of the most soothing experiences i've had at a dentist's place. Went for an extraction and root canal treatment and it was totally painless. Also, state of the art clinic.read more
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