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Child dentistry or Kids & Children Dental Clinic in bhopal can include a variety of procedures such as filling, extraction, root canal treatment, etc. We employ possibly the best child dentist in Bhopal,  Dr. Shrivastava, who takes extra care to provide painless procedures, but also puts into place long term solution for children with dental issues for patient’s coming to our dental clinic near me .

Dental Sealants

When you observe dark brown/black line on groves of teeth surfaces, it can be a start of tooth decay or such teeth are prone to decay. Also children consuming lot of chocolates or junk food often have more chances of tooth decay. Such decays can be prevented by application of Dental sealants (thin filling like materials available in different colours to attract children). They work by preventing food and plaque from accumulating in the grooves of teeth –areas especially prone to cavities.

Depending on a child’s oral development and risk factors for tooth decay, sealants may be applied to the teeth as young as age 6. It is at this time that the first molars typically appear. Additional molars erupt at approximately age 12. If possible, sealants should be applied to a child’s teeth immediately after any molar has appeared to reduce the risk of early decay.

Will dental sealants affect the natural appearance or smoothness of my child’s teeth?

Sealant directly bond on the teeth, where they harden and form a clear or tooth-colored coat. This makes them undetectable to others, often making teeth surfaces smoother. Though it is normal to feel new sealants with the tongue, it takes only little time by children to adapt.

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What will my child experience when getting sealants?

The process of getting sealants is extremely fast and painless. The sealant will immediately harden, acting as a barrier between microbes and the chewing surface of the teeth sealants will last several years before needing to be reapplied. However, regular visits to the our Kids & Children Dental Clinic in bhopal is recommended to check their patency.

Pulpal Therapy and Crowns for Children

The pulp is a vital soft tissue located inside the teeth. When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed, the pulp may be exposed to microbes, causing infection and pain and at times swelling. In such cases, rather than removing the milk or permanent tooth entirely, the infected pulp may be removed and replaced with a filling material that saves the tooth for a very long period of time.

Did you know…When a primary tooth is removed prematurely, the neighboring teeth may become crowded and future permanent teeth may erupt at wrong position. Different types of Pulp therapies by our experts help ensure an infected primary tooth remains intact until it naturally falls out.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings for Children

Many children often have some degree of tooth decay. When such decay are left untreated, they can lead to cavities and even tooth loss. Modern dentistry has made it possible to fill cavities with tooth-colored fillings, also known as composites. Children after getting tooth-colored fillings done can retain teeth that functional for quite a long time as it is done by the best child dentist in bhopal.
It is often thought by many educated parents also that treatment of milk teeth decay is not important but you can notice such children often have below average weight and it also affects their upcoming permanent teeth tooth buds. Even children with milk teeth, as young as 6 months old can experience tooth decay. Tooth-colored fillings are helpful in repairing the damaged teeth, but the most effective form of treatment is prevention.

Parents can help their children prevent cavities by limiting exposure to sugary foods and beverages and by regular checkups.
Your child’s teeth and gums will be numbed using a local anesthetic with prior immediate test to avoid risk of local anaesthetic. The dentist removes the decay from the teeth and clean the treatment site. Though it is normal when most children feel little or no discomfort during treatment, If your child has dental anxiety or concerns about the treatment process, you can consult our experts for other distraction options.

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Infant Oral Care

Infants or small children often have varieties of cavities like bottle feeding caries, rampant caries etc.which needs proper treatment to further prevent their spread to other healthy teeth. Parents who continually educate themselves do understand and ensure that a child’s oral care needs are met on time.

The preventive dental care is THE BEST recommended therapy as early childhood prevention is important for establishing a healthy mouth that lasts a lifetime.So, we run a CAVITY FREE CLUB at our clinic which rewards children who follow the recommendations and whose parents are aware and understands the importance of cavity free mouth so if you are searching Dental Clinic Near Me or Best child dentist in bhopal then we might be the solution for you.

Abdulhadi Amiri
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I have received the quality service from Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava dentistry clinic. Staff behavior including management is wonderful, I found the good team work among the staffs. An special thank from Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava. he is the best. Wish him more more
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I have been visiting Dr. SAURABH for quite some time now and he's carried out various dental procedures on me, painlessly and very skilfully and I have always been happy with the outcome. Very skilled and delivering the best care, he's one good doctor I wouldn't hesitate to recommendread more
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I would recommend this clinic for all your dental care in Bhopal, recently I visited the clinic for a emergency dental issue due to accident I faced & thankful to Dentist in the clinic he went beyond his clinic timings to treat me. Highly recommended this dental clinic in more
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One of the most soothing experiences i've had at a dentist's place. Went for an extraction and root canal treatment and it was totally painless. Also, state of the art more
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Amazing facility and great clinical staff. Satisfied outcomes with reasonable cost. Strongly recommended for any dental more
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Children dentistry Faq's

1. When should my child’s first dentist visit be?

Any child should at least visit the dentist once before their first birthday. The best time is between six to twelve months.

2. When can my child use toothpaste while brushing?

Children below the age of three should not be allowed to use toothpaste. Even after that age supervision should be provided during brushing and only a small amount of toothpaste should be used.

3. Should I take my child to the dentist when the teeth start coming out?

While it is not extremely necessary but just to be on the safe side you should visit the dentist once to ensure that the process is happening under healthy conditions.

4. If my child has baby teeth which are damaged is it a cause for concern?

Yes, damaging of the baby teeth can lead to damaging of entire teeth structure. An immediate visit to the dentist is suggested.

5. If my child breaks a permanent tooth what do I do?

Pick up the tooth using a tissue and try not to hold its root. If you can bring the tooth in time there may be chances of saving it, otherwise we can recommend multiple procedures for replacing a broken tooth.