Root Canal Treatment

Virtually Painless with High Precision

Does your tooth infection (caused by tooth decay or injury) causing you too much trouble? Did you hear the rumors that root canal is a painful dental procedure? Are you searching for dental clinic in bhopal for tooth ache problem? Are you advised for the Root Canal treatment in Bhopal but afraid of getting it done? We at Smile Gallery help you experience the most advance & painless root canal treatment in Bhopal with ease due to our skillful techniques and latest equipment’s.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is a dental procedure needed when the supply of blood under the teeth is affected with consistent tooth decay. When the tooth decay is not taken care of, it starts penetrating deeper to make a hole in the tooth, thus reaching the inner blood streams infecting the entire teeth. To prevent such an infection, this treatment is carried out.

This procedure helps insaving the tooth and eliminates dental pain. You are in need root canal for any of the reasons listed below:
  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Decay of teeth or cavities which are deep
  • Tooth becoming darker after an injury or trauma
  • Swelling of gum near the tooth
  • Tender gums or teeth

The procedure involves removal of the infected pulp and cleaning of the canals of the root for prevention of any further infection. The 3d space of the canals is then filled with a inert material Guttapercha is then allowed to settle.

Recent researches show that patients with infected roots of teeth often have more cardiac problems due to prevailing microorganisms in body blood stream.

All due to latest equipment’s like motorized instruments, Apex Locators (to closely see the root endings), portable and handy X-Ray with minimal hazards (hardly available in very few clinics of Bhopal) and best quality materials.

If you are looking for a Dentist in Bhopal for Root canal treatment in shortest possible time with very high accuracy and minimal complications then you have best possible reason to contact us. If you still confused then have look what our happy patients have to say!

Abdulhadi Amiri
08:43 01 Feb 19
I have received the quality service from Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava dentistry clinic. Staff behavior including management is wonderful, I found the good team work among the staffs. An special thank from Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava. he is the best. Wish him more more
aradhya dhruv
14:13 19 Jan 19
I have been visiting Dr. SAURABH for quite some time now and he's carried out various dental procedures on me, painlessly and very skilfully and I have always been happy with the outcome. Very skilled and delivering the best care, he's one good doctor I wouldn't hesitate to recommendread more
Druv Verma
17:23 17 Jan 19
I would recommend this clinic for all your dental care in Bhopal, recently I visited the clinic for a emergency dental issue due to accident I faced & thankful to Dentist in the clinic he went beyond his clinic timings to treat me. Highly recommended this dental clinic in more
Subramanian Rajaseshan
15:43 24 Dec 18
One of the most soothing experiences i've had at a dentist's place. Went for an extraction and root canal treatment and it was totally painless. Also, state of the art more
doc santosh Sahu
07:16 19 Dec 18
Amazing facility and great clinical staff. Satisfied outcomes with reasonable cost. Strongly recommended for any dental more
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